Flat Bottom Pouch Matt White

This latest addition to our range offers our customers the opportunity to present themselves in a more attractive and distinctive way. This great packaging will take your product to a higher level. Its four rounded corners have a modern look and will prevent your customers from getting hurt by sharp corners.

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Flat Bottom Pouch Matt White

Flat bottom pouches with front zippers, also called ‘tear-off zippers’ as the consumer has torn the zipper to open the pouch. The flat-bottom pouch with front zipper is available from stock in 6 colors and different sizes. The high-quality material (BPA-free) has excellent barrier properties. It provides optimal protection against external influences (light, UV, oxygen, and moisture) and will keep the aromas in the packaging. The quality of your product will be guaranteed. The user-friendly flat-bottom pouches can be filled more easily thanks to the large filling opening. Another advantage is that no dust can get in through the zipper.