Stand Up Pouch Black Kraft Paper

How do you ensure that your product is noticed among all other products? Let us print your bags or even fully adapt them at very competitive prices! Your customized, printed bag optimizes the presentation of your product, distinguishes itself more from its competitors and your sales will increase! From 10,000 units per size / per design.

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Stand Up Pouch Black Kraft Paper

This latest addition to our range offers our customers the opportunity to present themselves in a very attractive and distinctive way. These pouches are made of beautiful deep black kraft paper and are aluminum-free. (ALU-free). The material used has very high barrier properties. This ensures that your product will be optimally protected against the standard external influences (light, UV, oxygen, and moisture), and this protection will also keep the aromas in the pouch, directly benefiting the quality of the product. The black kraft paper bags have a luxurious appearance: a gift for your customers and an environmentally friendly choice! The stable “anti-wobble pouch” specially developed by PouchDirect makes the pouches stand up even better. The rounded corners have a modern look and will prevent customers from hurting themselves at sharp edges. The bags have zippers and tear-off notches as standard, for optimum ease of use.